Haystack Connect 2017


May 8th - 10th, 2017

Connecting Companies, Communities and People
who are Redefining Smart and Connected Systems.

The most significant advances in technology adoption are driven not by a single company, but rather by collaboration among a community of users with an interest in advancing the state of the industry.

Haystack Connect 2017 will once again bring together the systems integrators, technology providers, A&E firms, OEMs and end users who are leading the way to advance smart-device applications by streamlining the interoperability of systems and devices for a more efficient, sustainable environment.

- John Petze
Executive Director, Project Haystack

When it comes to data, it is one thing to have access to it, it's another to make it actionable. Simply put, the operational data from smart devices and equipment systems lacks information to describe its own meaning.

Without meaning, a time consuming manual effort is required before that data can be used effectively to generate value. At Haystack Connect 2017, you’ll see how it’s being done.

- Marc Petock
Executive Secretary, Project Haystack

Becoming a member of the Project Haystack Organization is very exciting for us. Our common goals mean we can collaborate to create innovative building systems which provide easy and understandable access to the wealth of available data.

We look forward to actively participating in the organization, their Haystack Connect conferences and working together with all the members in the future.

- Richard Reid
Associate & Controls Engineer, Arup

The Venue

Saddlebrook Resort Tampa
5700 Saddlebrook Way, Wesley Chapel, Florida 33543

Saddlebrook Resort Tampa is a renowned Florida Hotel and Conference Center
located 30 minutes north of Tampa International Airport..

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